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Copeland Insurance Group

Copeland Insurance Group, headquartered in Longview, Texas, is one of the nation’s top insurance marketing organizations with 20,000 agents serving in more than 40 states. Since 1962, the Copeland Group’s experienced and compassionate agents have helped families, businesses and individuals understand the insurance benefits they are eligible for and the moving parts of their policies. Their friendly, licensed insurance agents offer impartial advice to help Americans find plans that meet their unique needs

Terry Cullinane



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MEDENTiKA® supplies dental technicians, dentists, and patients with an attractive system of precise implants and durable abutments, compatible with all popular manufacturers.

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Buy Local! Pascal – makers of Hydent Denture Hi-Spot Spray.

Pascal, Bellevue WA. – Global Leader and Innovator of dental products for over 8 decades. We are a state of the art manufacturer of Dental Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, distributed worldwide. We offer more than 150 products in 7 product categories; Denture High Spot Indication, Articulation Sprays, Tissue management, Infection Control, Evacuation, Preventative and Pain Management.

Steve Burman

Vice-President, Pascal

burman.pascal@gmail.com | pascaldental.com