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Thanks to the efforts of individual denturists, the Washington state Board of Denturist and executive director Carole Carbone, Denla Dental will now provide payment to denrurists for placing implant abutments. As many are aware, Delta Dental had been denying denturists payment for code D6056, abutment placement on implants. The company was denying the claim based on their premise that abutment placement was not included in the denturist’ scope of practice. In February 2018, the Washington State Board of Denturists wrote a letter to Delta Dental, stating that the Board had ruled that placing abutments on implants was in fact covered under denturist’ scope of practice. Following receipt of the letter, Delta continued to deny payment to denturist for the procedure. After several months of effort, executive director Carol Carbone was finally able to contact someone at Delta who put the matter before the CEO of Delta. In late September 2018 Carol got confirmation that Delta will now cover denturists placing abutments.

This is a milestone for denturists and yet another example fo why having a strong State association is so critical to the advancement of our profession.


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