What exactly is a denturist?

In November of 1994, the People of the State of Washington passed Initiative 607, allowing persons other than dentists to manufacture and sell dentures to the public. This new professional would be known as a Denturist. Following the passing of I-607, Denturists in the state were allowed to become licensed. Today, Denturists are recognized as an important part of the health profession. Thanks to those who helped pass the initiative, the public now has the right to choose an affordable alternative when it comes to denture care. A Denturist in the State of Washington is a licensed professional whose field of dentistry is dedicated solely to providing removable full and partial dentures directly to the public. A Denturist is a recognized health professional who constructs, inserts and adjusts removable dentures as well as over dentures on implants. Most licensed Denturists have served many years fabricating dentures. Furthermore, they passed a comprehensive practical exam on the fitting and making of dentures along with a thorough written examination conducted through the State of Washington Board of Denturist.

A Denturist is trained not only in the construction of dentures but also educated in microbiology, physiology, oral pathology, head and neck anatomy and more. Denturists are an important part of the community of dental care providers.

When you seek the care of a Denturist you will find that as a patient you play an active role in the discussion of what you desire for your new dentures. Remember, you are in the hands of a professional who specializes only in the making of removable prosthodontics. Your Denturist will involve you in the steps necessary to ensure your dentures fit properly and meet your full expectations.

Denturists in the state of Washington are required by law to have a license to practice denturism posted in their clinic for public viewing. If you are ever in doubt that the person you are seeing is not licensed, ask to see his or her license. If they are not able to provide a license, they may not have one, and this is not acceptable. It is important to report someone who is not licensed to the State of Washington Department of Health at 360-236-4700.

The Washington Denturist Association was formed to promote unity and to maintain standards of professional ethics among Denturists in our state. The WDA represents the interests of members of the association to all levels of government and to the public. The organization provides continuing education for its members, and member Denturists work together to keep abreast on the latest developments in the denture field.

We would like to thank everyone responsible for the passing of Initiative 607 and for being able to provide the public with quality, affordable denture care.

Remember, a DenturistĀ ISĀ the best choice for your denture needs…